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The Cost-Effective Solution for Your Banking Compliance Needs

Receive the benefit of statistical analysis that is protected by the attorney client privilege.

This picture represents the fair lending analysis MB Consulting can do for your institution.

The results of a HMDA data/fair lending review will not only help identify gaps and errors in the HMDA data, but it will also provide insight into lending patterns, policy implementations, and potential discriminatory practices that may be occurring in your organization.  Using the ComplyWeb software (www.web.ratacomply.com), MB Consulting can both demonstrate the software’s features, and analyze your HMDA and/or CRA data under the protections of the attorney client privilege.  

MB Consulting also has at its fingertips certain fair lending software tools that enhance MB Consulting’s abilities to perform a wide range of fair lending consulting tasks for your institution.  For example, MB Consulting can help you run scorecards on all government Risk Factors (Pricing, Underwriting, Redlining, Steering), which highlight any statistically significant disparities between Prohibited and Non-Prohibited basis applicants.  MB Consulting can also perform Comparative File Reviews on high-risk categories and help you document the key factors for the different outcomes and categories.  Call MB Consulting today for a free consultation: (303) 586-7206.